Volunteer? Beleiber? Or Both?

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Group of nine youth volunteers at awards ceremony in London

Discovery Volunteers in London l-r: Tom, Andrew, Helen, Sophie, Richard, Caroline, Sam, Ryan and Tara

Richard, a regular volunteer at World Museum tells us what it was like to attend the recent vinspired Awards in London. Richard and his fellow volunteers represented the Discovery Volunteers programme which received the regional Unite award for teamwork.

“On the 17th March 2011, nine discovery volunteers were selected to attend the prestigious vinspired Awards 2011 at the 02 Arena in London. Spending the night over at the Holiday Inn Express, the volunteers quickly settled in to frankly the “good life;” although at times, it became apparent that some of us were used to the pampering (and frankly abused it at times), whereas some struggled to...adapt.

The awards were held at the 02 Indigo theatre, within the 02 arena (formerly known as the Millennium Dome). When we arrived however, I think I speak for all of us when I say that there was an overwhelming fear that somehow we did not arrive at the vinspired awards, but the Justin Beiber concert, happening at the same time! This gave rise to a little game of volunteer? Beleiber? Or Both?

When inside the venue, it was most definitely clear that this was an esteemed event. Sponsored by ITV2, we didn’t expect anything less really. Waiters were patrolling the floor with “meat and veg” bowls, and complimentary beverages, whereas tables were arranged in front of the main stage for the nominees.

The ceremony lived up to expectations featuring celebrities: Keith Lemon (Celebrity juice), Natasha Bedingfield (Singer), James Caan (Former dragon) and Jason Gardner (Olympic sprinter). And yet, no Justin Beiber? What’s up with that?

The after party wasn’t bad either.

Making the most out of our time in London; we decided to see the sights the following day before taking a later train back to Liverpool. We therefore visited: Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Big Ben, Trafalgar square, the Olympic clock (lots of hogging the clock here and a test of reaction times against London’s finest) as well as Downing Street, and unsurprisingly, the British Museum, which is colossal by the way.

It was a good trip!”