Volunteers Achieve Stewart Bale Success

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Group of volunteers cleaning negatives

Stewart Bale Volunteers: Hard at work helping to clean glass plate negatives.

Ann Stewart; Head of Framing, Paper and Paintings Conservation tells us a bit more about the wonderful work our Stewart Bale Volunteers have achieved this past year…

“Based in the paper conservation studio, a volunteer project to clean and re-house glass plate negatives from the Stewart Bale collection began in March this year.

Mainly due to the poor condition of the original packaging, most of these images haven't been seen since the collection came to us.

9 months later the volunteers have steadily worked their way through an amazing 10,000 negatives. There are approximately 30,000 negatives still to be cleaned! The entire collection which also includes film sheet negatives is c.200,000.

During the course of the year we have seen 26 volunteers involved in the project with a further 17 due to start in the New Year.”

Well done to all volunteers involved!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Volunteers Team to find out more.