The Vote Goes On

Time to introduce the next few The Beat Goes On Top Ten tracks. Surely at least one of these Merseyside gems is worthy of your vote?

Strawhouses. Who lives in a house like this?  Peering through the keyhole you might possibly find Thom Yorke from Radiohead, very early U2 (like ‘Boy’ and ‘October’ era) or the reincarnation of Jeff Buckley. This is soaring, majestic, indie pop, like they used to make when I was a lass. But if you are too young to remember the good old days then Coldplay might be a safer comparison. You can catch them as part of Streetwaves festival.

Jessica’s Ghost brings a brooding, melodic ballad to the proceedings. Soulful vocals are underpinned by a sweeping cello and piano chords, but there is a folky edge to their overall sound. If these tuneful Corr-alikes are your thing, their TBGO track 'New Shoes' will be the B-Side to their single, ‘Breakdown’, to be released on iTunes on 5th July.

What can we say about The Trestles? This jangly, feelgood, leap-around-with-your-mates type of shenanigan is just the sort of thing you expect from a bunch of lovely Liverpool lads with guitars. God bless ‘em, everyone. I hear they will be playing Oxjam tomorrow (12 June) at 3345 Parr Street.

Have a listen – be amazed – don’t forget to VOTE!