A walk down Memory Lane

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An older couple looking at objects in a museum gallery Image by Mark McNulty. Recently we received a lovely letter from Ellesmere Port & Neston Live at Home Scheme, telling us how much they had enjoyed their trip and lunch at the Museum of Liverpool. The Museum runs memory walks for older people and a loan service which enables carers to borrow memory suitcases, as an addition to the House of Memories dementia training programme. We were thrilled that they also shared a poem with us, written by one of their lunch club members, Roy Hammett:
    Memory Lane For the lunch club’s day out in Liverpool, To the museum where interest was seen, For the locals it brought back memories, Where their life and their work had once been. Museums are places of history For the elderly, it was down memory lane, Reviewing the way of life in the past, And some hopefully not seen again. There was the memory of the overhead railway, In a carriage we were able to sit And view the station from Seaforth to Dingle And a notice that forbid us to spit. There were many items of days long gone, Posters, programs and soap, And the orange boxes in Burlington Court The poor made do with to cope. For progress we can all be thankful Through inventions and the skill of mankind From having to do things the hard way, We have gladly left all that behind. So having spent time in a museum And viewing life in the past, We wonder about all the tomorrows As time’s running out very fast. So saying goodbye to our yesterdays, With tomorrows there will be a new way The future will always have changes, And it’s a bonus to wake up each day.
The British Council and Sampad have just launched a writing competition called Inspired By My Museum.  If you have been inspired by one of our museums and galleries, why not write your own story or poem?