The Walker has Soul

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This summer photographic artist Marta Soul captured a couple embracing in the sculpture gallery at the Walker Art Gallery.

The Spanish photographer used two models to stage the photograph for an exhibition going on display in LA at the Kopeikin Gallery.

The exhibition entitled Idilios opens tomorrow (Saturday 29 October) which means that gallery visitors on the other side of the Atlantic will not only enjoy Marta’s work but also see how beautiful the sculpture gallery is at the Walker Art Gallery.

Idilios (Spanish lyrical word for 'romances') shows a series of romantic situations representing the experiences of one woman with different men. These idealised scenes are about the experience of romantic love; the kiss representing immediate satisfaction, a search for pleasure in a symbolic act devoted exclusively to seduce us, as advertising does. What emerges is a reflection about the ephemeral concept of love and happiness.

Marta Soul said: “All the settings for my collection of recent photographs are based on experiencing vivid emotions, so the sculpture gallery at the Walker Art Gallery is ideal for my work.”

A couple kiss amongst some sculptures

Taken at the Walker, this photograph will feature in the 'Idilios' exhibition.