Walking for Health

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Every Friday morning, a small group of intrepid folk meet at the World Museum on William Brown Street and head out for an hour’s walk around the city centre. For over 10 years now, National Museums Liverpool has been encouraging people to be more active with its support of the local Walking for Health scheme.

Recognising that many of today’s health problems can be developed or worsened due to inactivity, the scheme was established to encourage people to take part in one of the most simple and beneficial forms of exercise: walking.

Over the years we’ve taken themed walks for Halloween, Chinese New Year and St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve been up close to rare visitors such as Giants roaming through the city or the huge spider that was La Princess. We’ve visited film locations, nature gardens and the sites of scientific and industrial innovation. And sometimes, just sometimes, we’ve simply gone out for a bit of a stroll.

Each week is different in terms of the route we take and the things we see. For those who might find it all a bit too much, the first Friday of each month is set aside as an easier walk, where we try to avoid any inclines and don’t travel quite so far.

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Anyone is welcome to join the walks, you just need to fill in a short health and registration form and then you’re ready to go. We move at the speed of the slowest, so there’s no need to go any faster than anyone is comfortable with. Additionally, we stop and talk at different points so there’ll be opportunities to catch your breath.

Walks leave from the World Museum atrium every Friday morning, meeting in the ground floor cafe at 11am. Everyone’s welcome and we hope to see you there.