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two men talking on a museum gallery while being filmed by a man with a large camera

Me being interviewed on the gallery

Hello there

Well I hope that many of you got to attend Slavery Remembrance Day this year.  Once again it was a very poignant day but at the same time it had many positive and inspirational moments.   There were various performances which took place at the main event site at Otterspool which highlighted the rich African cultures that have influenced so many aspects of life around the world.   Earlier in the day there had been a multi faith act of reflection at St Nicholas Church and on the Thursday the poet and actor Lemn Sissay gave the annual Slavery Remembrance Day lecture at the Town Hall.

Last week really was a particularly busy one.  Not only did we have the Slavery Remembrance events but the 23 August marked the first anniversary of the opening of the International Slavery museum.   And what a year it has been!  Over 300, 000 visitors, international recognition, massive media exposure and a rich array of high profile visitors such as Harry Belafonte; Jesse Jackson and Paul Robeson Jr to name a few.  To mark the occasion we launched We Are One, an exhibition of celebration and reflection.  If you have not managed to visit the museum yet then now is the time to come. The exhibition will be in the museum until January 09.

The 28th was a particularly exciting day as we welcomed the US NBC Today Show programme as they were broadcasting live from the museum.  The Today Show has over 6 million viewers so it is great exposure for us in the US.   I was interviewed by Al Roker, TODAY anchor and weatherman.  He had been carrying out some research on his family heritage which was part Bahamian and he wanted to visit Liverpool as it was central to the transatlantic slave trade. I even contacted my family members in Guyana and Canada just in case they could tune into the show. You can watch the interview on the msnbc website (right after the advert for a certain food chain).

Even though I have done quite a bit of media since I stared this job (I was on the Dean Sullivan aka Jimmy Corkhill radio show last week!) I have only done one other live TV programme for a local station, not one seen by so many viewers.  Come to think of it, in the opening week of the museum last year I was interviewed for RAI TV in Italy which was apparently dubbed. The kind of embarrassing moment I expect to see on You Tube one day! 

There were quite a few members of the public watching today as the interview took place right in the centre of the museum, it was pretty chaotic but people seemed to find it interesting.   With such a commotion going on I am sure they expected to see someone famous rather than me although there was a round of applause when we finished!

Bye for now.