We love Stu - yeah, yeah, yeah!

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The fifth Beatle, the James Dean of Hamburg or just a young and talented artist? Stuart Sutcliffe's life was tragically cut short at the age of 22 when he died of a brain haemorrhage, leaving many unanswered questions.

Would he have gone on to be one of the nation's leading abstract impressionist painters? Or would his creative talents have been eclipsed by his close association with John Lennon and the advent of Beatlemania? Stuart's tutor Sir Eduardo Paolozzi called him "gifted and intelligent", although his progress in college was affected by his poor health.


Stu's ID Card. Copyright Astrid Kirchherr / K&K

Whatever the answer, interest in Stu's work and life endures. His sister Pauline has recently launched a website StuartSutcliffeArt.com where you can buy original works and memorabilia. But fear not if you can't afford the price tag - there's a fine example of Stuart's painting in the Walker Art Gallery which you can see for free!

Coincidentally, Stu isn't the only Beatle bass player to have had his paintings on show at the Walker. Some bloke called Paul McCartney has too, apparently.