We need photos of your flares!

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People in 1970s clothes

Lovely 1970s gear!

Ah flares. Make mine high-waisted in a dark blue denim please, with sailor-style buttons! (I still can't quite say goodbye to my skinny jeans though.) Our upcoming exhibition at the Walker, 'Feather cuts and flares', will also be embracing 70s fashion by showing costume including bohemian pieces and shimmering glam rock platforms.

The clothes are ready to go on show but Dave Moffat, our Assistant Curator of Decorative Art, is on the look out for images to be used in the exhibition.

He’s looking for images showing fashion in a classic 1970s style - flares, massive collars, tank-tops in brown and orange, platforms and also some of the more subtle trends like the Laura Ashley 'country look' and the bohemian look.

They need to be; clear shots (not someone standing in the distance please!) your own personal photographs and copyright free.

If you are interested in getting involved, please scan and email your pictures to: david.moffat@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk