We're open late on Friday, to hang out with the stars!

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Space gallery at World Museum Space gallery at World Museum Find out what World Museum's got in store for you this Friday, from Education Demonstrator at the planetarium, Patrick Kiernan: "I can’t wait for our next star gazing evening at World Museum from 4.45pm - 8pm on Friday the 22nd January. It is part of our wonderful Destination Space programme which celebrates the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut, Tim Peake’s mission on board the International Space Station. On arrival visitors will be greeted by our own ‘astronaut’; he’s not a real astronaut but will be wearing a suit just like the one Tim used to get into space. "We will be showing our Destination Space family show at 5pm and possibly again later on in the evening around 6.30pm – depending on numbers. "We are really lucky to have members of Liverpool, Chester and Runcorn and Widnes Astronomical Societies present at the evening so there’ll be lots of help for people like me who are not used to using astronomical telescopes. They will offer expert advice on how to use the telescopes and help to understand what is visible in the night sky. "Hopefully it’ll be possible to see a comet! Comet Catalina is only visible with binoculars or a telescope as it is very feint. We are really lucky because at the moment it is nice and high in the sky and on the 22nd it will be near to the Plough. We will also be able to look at the moon; we will have an adaptor to connect smart phones to a telescope so you will be able to take your own photo of the moon! "The evening is designed for all ages, and we’ll have a craft activity for younger visitors to do as well as looking at the heavens. And if the visibility isn’t so great there’s always our planetarium and we’ll have monitors set up linking to websites where you can find out about the International Space Station, and track it’s many orbits, as well as to explore the night sky on line. And you can find out all about Destination Space. All in all it promises to be an excellent and unusual night out. "And if you get peckish or fancy a coffee the café on level 5 will be open as will the museum shop."worldmuseum-planetarium-stars