When Fern met Ken

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Fern Britton Fern Britton films in the Museum of Liverpool We were very lucky to have a special visitor to the Museum of Liverpool a few weeks ago, when the lovely Fern Britton came to film in our Ken Dodd exhibition as part of her series ‘Fern Britton Meets…’. This Sunday, 15 December at 10am on BBC1, you can watch Fern meeting the man himself, discussing his life and incredible career spanning six decades. Photographer Stephen Shakeshaft - who took all the photos in the ‘By Jove! It’s Ken Dodd’ exhibition - was also interviewed about his friendship with the ‘Squire of Knotty Ash’, who he has been photographing for more than 50 years! The exhibition features around 50 images of Ken Dodd taken by Stephen in a variety of locations and situations. Whether it is relaxing in the dressing room with a pint, clowning around with some young fans or hanging out with his best mate Dickie Mint, Stephen has been there for a great many moments in Ken Dodd’s career, and the exhibition features some of the highlights. You can also find out more about Doddy in the exhibition by watching the interviews we’ve filmed with him ourselves, but we’re sure he’ll offer up some new delights to Fern, and maybe even a few jokes to tickle your chuckle muscles, so make sure you tune in! Fern Britton and Mike Hall Fern Britton Meets...Visitor Assistant Mike at the Museum of Liverpool!