Why join the Patron's circle?

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Juliet Staines_blog The Lady Lever Art Gallery Patron’s Circle has been developed for people who feel passionate about our work developing the Gallery for the future. We spoke to Juliet Staines, our very first patron to learn more about her decision to join the scheme. 

Do you have a personal interest in the Lady Lever Art Gallery?

Having visited the Gallery frequently as a child and more recently as a freelance Artist Educator I cannot imagine a time when I will not be visiting the Gallery either for work or pleasure, it is part of my everyday life.

Do you visit the Lady Lever often?

I’m probably the Lady Lever Art Gallery’s No1 fan as I visit a minimum of once a month and usually much more than that!

What does being a Patron of the Lady Lever Art Gallery mean to you?

The Gallery is such a magical and unique place, I am proud to be a Patron and hope my passion for the arts will encourage more people to support and visit the Gallery. I greatly admire Lever’s vision in collecting and providing a cultural and artistic experience for then, now and I hope, the future.

Which part of the South End Galleries are you most looking forward to seeing restored?

I can’t wait to see the project completed in its entirety. Being able to walk through the interconnected Galleries showcasing highlights from the collection and enhanced by new interpretation is going to be a real feast for the eyes.

Are there any other comments you have about being a Lady Lever Patron?

In the current financial climate I hope to encourage the generosity of new Patrons who can also lend their support in the restoration and conservation of the South End Galleries. Is it so important to be involved in our local heritage and ensure its legacy for the generations to come. If you'd like to learn more about becoming a Patron or other ways the you can support us please visit our website.