Wild Planet at World Museum

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Louise Beard is volunteering with the Marketing and Communications team at the moment. Last week we sent her out to see Wild Planet, the latest exhibition at World Museum (runs until 28 October). Here is what she made of it:

Photograph from exhibition

Rajan snorkelling © Jeff Yonover/ Wild Planet

I visited the rather wonderful Wild Planet exhibition at the World Museum today. I’m no wildlife fanatic or, indeed, photography fanatic and I like nature programmes as much as the next person. But I was bowled over by this collection of stellar images.

The exhibition illustrates both how nature just slots together and, pardoning the pun, is naturally beautiful. Nature quite simply exists. Most of the photographers mention in the descriptions that they waited out most of day to capture the shot. The irony, of course, is that these moments happen everyday, unnoticed, but are near impossible to capture ‘like that’. There’s a rather spectacular shot of reef fish grazing on a green turtle’s shell. They feed themselves whilst cleaning the shell. It’s a million miles from the gaudy fish foot spas that now pepper the British high street. Instead, it’s a bargain brought about naturally, which makes it quite special.

Sadly, humans pose the biggest threat to nature. Yet oddly, we’re the only ones who can now help. The exhibition highlights how delicate the eco-structure is and how aspects of it are heading towards disaster. This is something we humans prefer to keep on the peripheries of our conscience and this exhibition goes a small way to making us think a little more about nature.

Wild Planet is owned by the Natural History Museum