Wildflower meadow boost from Dobbies

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Equipment from DobbiesHere’s some really good news for the development our City Wildflower Meadow in front of World Museum. We set up the wildflower meadow back in 2013 and it's still going strong. We’ve just been given all of this equipment by Dobbies of Liverpool!  The meadow has been developed by staff in their own time, and up to now gardening equipment has had to be brought in from home. The mower will help us to cut clear pathways in the meadow and the tools will help us to clear ground, to plant more wildflower plugs and to maintain the right balance between different plant species. There are over 250 different species of native wildflowers growing in the meadow, which we will cut-back in September, after plants such as Devil’s-bit Scabious, have bloomed and turned to seed. wildflower-meadowYesterday a Common Blue and a Painted Lady butterfly were seen flying amongst the flowers. Red-tailed and Buff-tailed  bumblebees are common, busying themselves collecting pollen and nectar. Thank you Dobbies, for the support that we have received from the ‘Helping Your Community Grow’ fund.   Save Save