Winner of the John Moores Painting Prize Visitors' Choice announced.

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Man and painting Donal Moloney - winner of the John Moores Visitors' Choice 2016 Congratulations to Donal Moloney, winner of the John Moores Painting Prize 2016 Visitors' Choice! His intricate kaleidoscopic painting, 'Cave Floor', has won the £2,016 prize, sponsored by Rathbones. Rathbones have sponsored Visitors' Choice since 2008. The award is a chance for visitors to have their say and select a painting which they feel stands out from the competition. Over the years visitors have chosen some very different paintings but interestingly, not once have they agreed with the judges' first choice, although occasionally other prizewinners have been selected.   This year around 10,000 votes were counted in total, with many of those who voted for Donal’s work taking the time to say what had drawn them to it: cards in a row Visitors' Choice voting cards
“I love the surreal, chaotic fantasy world created.” “Endless patterns, associations, re-associations, layering, suggestions all in one small, dense, mesmerising piece of work. Food for the spirit.” “It is alive! It moves, twisting and changing, tiny little images of almost fairytale nightmares that alter and reform as you watch. Fascinating.” "It’s a miniature treasure-trove…sparkling and reflecting and full of rewarding details." "My husband and I both like it. It is one of the few things we’ve agreed about all day."
Alex Richmond, Director at Rathbones, commented: “Rathbones is delighted to present Donal Moloney, the winner of the Visitors’ Choice Award, with a cheque for £2016.
“We have supported this Award since 2008 and the enthusiasm of the visitors participating in this competition is always magnificent. Congratulations to Donal Moloney!”
Find out more about Donal and his winning painting. The 2016 John Moores exhibition runs until 27 November. The following slideshow indicates the range of styles which have won the public vote: [slideshow_deploy id='14142']