Wolfgang Tillmans

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Artist in gallery

Wolfgang Tillmans with 'Freischwimmer 151' © Mark Sumner

Last week the Walker Art Gallery was buzzing with the excitement of having a Turner Prize winner in its midst! Wolfgang Tillmans was at the gallery for three days working on the installation of 12 photographic works, dotted around the gallery among the permanent collection. Some of the works are vast, like 'Freischwimmer 151' in the picture above while some of them a smaller and more discreet so you'll have to work harder to spot them amongst the treasures of the Walker. 

It was a real privilege to have the opportunity to listen-in as Wolfgang explained to journalists at a busy press call how and why he selected particular areas of the gallery to display his work. A lot of thought went into how his work could "communicate" with the gallery's collection and draw out interesting connections. An interview with Laura Davis, the Liverpool Daily Post arts editor explains it further here.

'Wolfgang Tillmans' opens from 18 September to 12 December 2010.