The wonders of World Museum

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A photograph of a large spider model at World Museum

Jacob Cook, as part of his work experience at NML, visits World Museum and reports on what he saw:

Today I revisited the World Museum in Liverpool for the first time in a while. I got there just after opening time expecting an empty museum, however that was not the case, the place was filled with junior school classes who must have been on their end of year trip.

These pupils seemed to enjoy every minute of the experience. They were excited, very curious about the exhibits and left no stone unturned (there are actual prehistoric stones that are available to handle) whilst dragging their teachers from one floor to the other. I thought it was great that their age group (8-11) are still as into the museum as me and my class were at that age.

One exhibit that I enjoyed was the Egyptian gallery, it’s not quite what I remembered but it’s just as (if not more) enjoyable. The well crafted design of the room was filled with everything from descriptions of the mythology of the time to mummified corpses. Once I left this area I was shocked at how long I spent inside. Another highlight was the Bug House. Not only was there giant insect models strategically placed in the design (including a giant spider which had one kid genuinely scared) but an abundance of specimens to get an up close look at (living or dead).
When it comes to this particular museum it’s difficult to pick a favourite aspect. It all comes together to create an experience, whether it’s the dinosaurs and the natural world, the ancient world or current world cultures, space and time, no matter how many visits it never bores. I’m sure they will be putting on new exhibits soon but even if you can’t make them or you miss them, I highly recommend the old exhibits; they got them right the first time.