Work Experience Report

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Below, James tells us all about his work experience with our Decorative Arts department. Over to James…

“I’m James and I’m a Year 10 student at King David High School in Liverpool. I spent a week on work experience at NML, in the Decorative Art department, and it has been brilliant. I came here not knowing what to expect and ended up having a great time. I found that my enjoyment for history, which I’m studying for my GCSE, helped greatly. I most enjoyed handling the objects and being able to connect with them. I documented information I had collected on the toys and costume and where I had re stored them. I also enjoyed going to the Walker Art Gallery and Sudley House as I had never been to these places before. I realised that I was interested in silver and ceramics even though I’d never had a chance to look at them closely before. I particularly enjoyed sorting the toys and moving them about. I found all the collections really interesting and stimulating.

I would like to thank everyone in the Dec. Arts department for giving their time to show me what they do and give me a great experience. I also felt that everyone else was really nice and friendly. I am sad to leave and hope to come back again for some volunteering in the future. Thanks to my experience I hope to work in museums when I an older.

Hope to come back soon.

Work experience student with museum objects

James enjoying his work experience.