World Museum shortlisted for family friendly award

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Kid at world museum

We are delighted that World Museum has been named as one of the top 20 museums shortlisted in the Sunday Telegraph's Family Friendly Museum Award. Thank you if you were one of the people who nominated the museum. 

World Museum, along with the other museums on the list has demonstrated to Telegraph readers that it has activities, events and displays that any family can enjoy and the basis for a great day out. 

The Sunday Telegraph said: "Liverpool's World Museum is full of historical things you can actually touch and has its own planetarium." 

If you'd like to get involved in the judging process, you can enter you and your family as mystery judges by emailing Visit for more information. 

Here's what Sunday Telegraph readers said of World Museum: 

"I love this museum because it’s not scared of being old-fashioned. There are objects in glass cases, even in the hands-on area. It’s always full of kids and adults touching and talking about amazing real things — fossils, skulls, crystals. The staff there are so knowledgeable and interesting, and always willing to join in conversations.” 

“Our seven year-old granddaughter loved the aquarium, planetarium, meteors, shadow puppets from Malaysia and dinosaur footprints. You come out and truthfully say, 'We’ve been all around the world!’ Thinking of taking 94-year-old Grandad next week.”