You'll Never Walker-lone

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Gerry Marsden and local school children at the Walker

Don't set off too quick kids, Gerry didn't bring the Pacemakers

The Walker Art Gallery played host to a musical icon this afternoon as Liverpool legend Gerry Marsden joined local school children for the launch of Merseyside Walk to School week. Pupils across the country are taking part in this national initiative aiming to cut down on pollution caused by the daily school run. It seems no matter how small the feet there’s no escaping those carbon footprints. Gerry got some practice in for Athens and gave us a quick blast of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ - let’s hope for more triumphant renditions next week.   

If you’re still not convinced of the merits of shanks’ pony head over to the National Conservation Centre and check out The Long Way Home. Bernard Fallon captured many of the Liverpool images featured in this exhibition on his walk to Art School. Documenting the changes to Liverpool’s landscape, both physical and social, Bernard’s photographs capture the essence of the city. Something that can be all too easily missed as we race by.