Your favourite colour

'eye for Colour' closed last Sunday, 3 September. This means that our favourite colour feature on the website is also finished. We asked what your favourite colour is and why? We received over 2600 votes and you can see the results and the reasons here.

We've got entries from all ages, from Maizie, age 2, - 'My favourite colour is yellow because it's like the sun', to Nita, age 72, 'Growing up in Liverpool I always said I wanted two boys and two girls and I'd dress the girls in yellow and purple!'.

This isn't just Liverpool's favourite colour either, we received entries from Tbilisi, Norway, Sydney, Pakistan, British Columbia, California, Seattle, St Petersburg, Singapore, Texas, Armenia, Latvia, New York, Hyderabad, Malaysia, Barbados, Maryland, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, South Africa, Florida, Pennsylvania, Seville, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, Ontario, Boston, Botswana, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Brazil, Northern Ireland, Alaska, Grand Rapids, Beijing, Malta, New Jersey, Brisbane, Ohio, Vietnam, Bangalore, France, Samoa, Melbourne, Chicago, Japan, Cairo, Belgrade, North Carolina, Cyprus, Valencia, Madrid, Finland, Chile, Denmark and the Isle of Mann!