"Your Museum made me cry - not once, but twice"

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Tweet from visitor Yaz about her trip to the Museum of Liverpool Visitor Yasamin Saeidi was so moved by The Museum of Liverpool that she burst into tears. When she tweeted about her emotional visit we asked her to expand on her thoughts. Yaz tweeted: "The wonderful Museum of Liverpool. First museum to ever make me cry. Twice." After such a fantastic comment we were intrigued to find out more. So we were delighted when Yazz agreed to blog about her experience: Visitor Yaz: "As well as much of my childhood, I spent the three most thoroughly wonderful years of my life living and studying in Liverpool. "I graduated in 2009 and left with a heavy heart to move back home to Stafford. I still pop back up as much as I can and my most recent trip included a visit to the Museum of Liverpool. "I should point out, I am a crier. I cried for six solid hours when I had to leave the city which has always been home in my heart. But this trip marked my first ever museum induced cry. As you've probably guessed by now, I miss Liverpool terribly, and the museum was one big reminder of just why I hold the city in such fond regard. "Through history it reminds us it is a city of steely determination, of a deep love for pop music, and an immense amount of local pride. The disturbances in Toxteth 1981 did not do Liverpool’s reputation any favours but the powerfully moving display about them prompted my first cry. "Tears came flooding once again upon watching a video containing vox pops on Scousers. Every one of them shared my sentiment towards Liverpudlians - a wicked sense of humour, unrivalled stubbornness, but the warmest, friendliest, most welcoming people you will ever meet. "The Museum of Liverpool just summed up everything that is so wonderful about the city- which just made me miss it even more." Yasamin is a reporter for the Staffordshire Newsletter and Stoke Sentinel newspapers. Have you been moved to tears by any of our museums? If so, please let us know.