A Sweet Life

An English lady's wardrobe

New exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery, 25 October 2019 to 1 March 2020

illustrations of women in stylish dresses and coats

Don't miss An English lady's wardrobe - our biggest ever exhibition of the Tinne collection, featuring new insights into the family and exploring shopping and style in Liverpool during the interwar years.


A Sweet Life: Fashion in a Liverpool sugar merchant's family

9 April 2009 to 7 March 2010

This exhibition has closed

 Detail of black dress with white trim

This exhibition showcased some of the highlights of the enormous Tinne Collection of clothing.

Whole wardrobes of clothes, as worn by one family over many years, are very rare, especially one of this size which includes more than 700 items.

The Tinne Collection of clothes, worn by a Liverpool lady, Emily Tinne, and her six children between about 1910 and 1940, is just such a rare survivor.

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