Parents' Guide to Big Art for Little Artists

Frequently asked questions

What is Big Art for Little Artists?

Big Art for Little Artists is a gallery for children up to and including the age of eight. It has been designed to introduce children to art….

Big Art has been designed for children visiting either with a school or nursery group or with parents, carers or childminders.

Big Art was developed by the Walker Art Gallery for local families and groups of young children to enjoy. It introduces children to the Walker Art Gallery.

It is a very special place where children can learn and have lots of fun!

Schoolchildren in Big Art for Little Artists

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What can children aged 8 and under do there?

Children can:

  • Choose from a selection of books etc.
  • Listen to stories
  • Play with puppets and create their own stories
  • Create their own art
  • Dress up as characters from the Walker’s paintings
  • Pose on a throne
  • Chill out in our mood room – exploring sounds associated with colour etc.
  • Use Big Art as a starting point to explore the rest of the gallery

When is it open?

Daily from 10am – 5pm.

How much does it cost?

Entry to Big Art and all of the associated activities are FREE of charge to all visitors.

Do I have to book?

Families don’t need to book.

All groups such as playgroups, nurseries and schools must book in advance of their visit. When in use by groups families will still be able to enter the gallery.

During busy times we may have to restrict access to Big Art. There are other activities for young children throughout the gallery.

How do I book a visit to Big Art?

Call our bookings line on 0151 478 4788 or email:

Do I stay with my child?

Yes, you must stay with your child at all times during your visit. Big Art has been designed for children and adults to enjoy together.

Can my older children come too?

Yes but we ask visitors to remember that Big Art is aimed primarily for children aged eight and under.

Can we eat in Big Art?

No – eating and drinking on the gallery is only allowed in the café on the ground floor.

Can I book a birthday party?

No, unfortunately Big Art cannot be booked for birthday parties as we cannot accommodate demand.