David Heminsley

British ceramicist (1927 - 2007)

David Heminsley was a potter whose life touched that of many others in different ways. Born and educated in Birmingham, he attended art college there and had a brief spell as a teacher before realising that working with clay was his true means of expression.

In Cornwall, as apprentice to Harry Davis and other potters, then working for George Cook in the Lake District, he learned all the necessary technical skills of a demanding medium as well as absorbing the discipline needed to achieve the highest standards and developing a personal philosophy intrinsic to creating worthwhile work.

During several years as lecturer at Belfast College of Art, he met and married Marjorie, a fashion design student, with whom he had three daughters. However, changes in administration made a college career less attractive and, with escalating violence in Northern Ireland, the family decided to move to a new craft complex created at Balbirnie in Fife. Here, throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, was the opportunity to live and work in beautiful surroundings in company with other craftsmen and women.

While David developed his own studio pottery and individual style, Marjorie created clothes ranging from practical smocks to wedding gowns.

There were many other interests, too. David was a founder member of the Scottish Potters' Association where his experience and wisdom were invaluable in setting out the aims of the association and the standards it hoped to achieve.

He demonstrated at workshops, contributed to countless exhibitions, was generous in sharing his expertise, ranging from glaze recipes to tool-making, and students and friends were frequently to be found in the workshop.

(Extracted and adapted from http://www.heraldscotland.com/david-heminsley-1.854540)
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