Research projects

As well as caring for and displaying our collections, curators at Walker Art Gallery also carry out research projects. These can be to find out more about a particular artist or movement, locate lost works or produce books or papers on different areas of art history, for example. Often this work goes on away from the public eye. Sometimes, however, their work is publicised. Other times they may meet a dead end in their research and need help.

Here you can take a look at what some of the curators have been working on.

Pride and Prejudice LGBT research project

Our Pride and Prejudice research project is identifying items with an LGBT connection from our fine and decorative art collections, as well as from Museum of Liverpool's urban history collections.

Vlaho Bukovac (1855 - 1922)

Help us find out more about this Croatian artist who had strong links with Liverpool. Vlaho Bukovac research project


These pages contain lists of works from Walker Art Gallery's collection whose provenance is either incomplete or uncertain. They are published to assist with the search for works of art that may have been wrongfully taken during the Holocaust and World war Two. View the Walker Spoliation list

Un-Catalogued Works

Here you can see the continental European paintings, drawings and sculptures purchased since the last catalogue of this part of our collection was published in 1984. View the list.