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Foreign Art Acquisitions, 1984-2006

This riverscape is depicted on a cloudy day, with ferries and fishing boats sailing in the waves. There is a church and buildings in the distance.

'View of Dordrecht and the Groote Kerk from across the Maas'

Below is a list of all the foreign paintings, drawings and sculptures acquired by the Walker Art Gallery between 1984 and 2004, which have not previously been published in other forms. 

Artwork information to download (pdfs)

Published catalogues

The rest of the Walker’s Fine Art Department’s holdings of foreign art have been published in the following printed catalogues:


Many individuals and organisations have contributed greatly to the acquisition of the works of art listed, by bequest, gift, grant or financial donation. National Museums Liverpool would like to thank them all. Our special gratitude goes to the Art Fund and the National Heritage Memorial Fund who between them have helped fund the acquisition of half of the catalogued works, and have generously supported our active collecting policy over the years.

A further two of the catalogued works, Van Goyen’s painting and Edmonia Lewis’s sculpted bust portrait, have been acquired through the government’s acceptance in lieu of inheritance tax scheme. We would also like to thank the relevant executors for helping ensure that such treasures have enriched our collections and become accessible for the pleasure of our visitors.

Information sourced by Xanthe Brooke, Curator of European Fine Art, National Museums Liverpool.