Doing your own research

The reference books and websites in the documents below should help you to find the information you require about specific artists.

These are sources that are used by numerous galleries and they should be available through the public library system. There is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for in at least one of these. We would recommend you look in more than one source to compare the available information. There is also information on the sheets to help you find out about artists on the Internet.

Despite the wealth of information contained in these publications etc, there will always be artists for whom no reference can be found - perhaps, for example, because they were amateur or had an unsuccessful career and did not exhibit their work. In such instances, it is often simply not possible to find information anywhere.

Research into artists: Bibliography

This list is not comprehensive, but gives a selection of books that should be a good starting point for your research into particular artists.

Download Research into artists: Bibliography document
[ Word doc, 50 kb]

Listings of further reference books and information can be also found on the Victoria and Albert Museum website.

Research Liverpool artists

This document aims to help people researching:

  • artists who were born and/ or lived in Liverpool and
  • artists who exhibited works in Liverpool although they may not have been native to the town.

Download Research into Liverpool artists document
[ Word doc, 53 kb]