John Robert Cozens

English painter, draughtsman and printmaker (1752 - 1797)

John Robert Cozens was an English painter, draughtsman and printmaker. He was taught by his father artist Alexander Cozens (1717-1786). He travelled frequently, sketching landscapes of Wales, Suffolk, London, Surrey and Derbyshire.

Cozens exhibited at the Society of Artists between 1767 and 1771. He published 'Eight Views of Bath' in 1773 and exhibited his first oil painting at the Royal Academy in 1776.

In 1776 Cozens travelled to the Swiss Alps with scholar and connoisseur Richard Payne Knight (1751-1824), where he produced 57 ink and wash drawings for Knight. He also visited the Italian countryside with Welsh painter Thomas Jones (1742-1803).

Cozens returned to England in 1779 and resided in Bath until 1782. During this time he finished watercolours from his continental sketches and drawings. In 1782 he travelled once again to Italy, this time with William Beckford (1760-1844) one of Cozens' wealthy patrons, for whom he produced 94 watercolours.

By 1783, Cozens had returned to London. He continued to finish watercolours from both continental trips for various patrons and produced popular views of the English countryside. Throughout his life, Cozens had suffered from bouts of depression, and in 1794 he developed mental illness and was placed under the care of Dr Thomas Munro and died three years later.
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