Edward Dayes

British painter, draughtsman and printmaker (1763 - 1804), specialising in landscape and topographical views

Dayes studied under engraver the William Pether (1738-1821). He attended the Royal Academy Schools in London from 1780 and begun exhibiting there in 1786. During the 1790s he produced drawings for topographical publications. His sketches are sometimes confused with early works by artists including J M W Turner (1775-1851) and Thomas Girtin (1775-1802), who was actually Dayes' pupil.

In the late 1790s Dayes produced a series of works with biblical and classical subjects including 'The Fall of the Rebel Angels' (1798). These works were not well received at the time. His illustrated book, 'Professional Sketches of Modern Artists', was published posthumously in 1805, oe year after his death. It included essays on painting and drawing techniques along with images of Yorkshire and Derbyshire illustrating his theories. He committed suicide in 1804.
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