Robert Dunkarton

English painter and mezzotint engraver (1744 - ?1811)

Robert Dunkarton was a pupil of the painter and engraver William Pether (1738 - 1821). Originally, he produced portraits in oils and crayons which were exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Society of Artists between 1774 and 1779. He was, however, most successful as a mezzotint engraver. His known plates are dated from 1770 to 1811, and there is no record of work after this date. Dunkarton engraved portraits and biblical subjects after old master painters and his contemporaries, including artists such as Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723 - 1792) and Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775 - 1851). He engraved them in a clean, finished style.
  • Gender
  • Relationship
    Artist/maker, Engraver
  • Nationality
    British: English
  • Born
  • Place of birth
    Europe: Northern Europe: UK: England: London
  • Died
    1811 before, no record after
  • Place of death
    Unknown or unrecorded
  • Cause of death
    Unknown or unrecorded
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