Samuel Hieronymus Grimm

Swiss draughtsman and painter of topographical views (1733 - 1794) also known for his decorative book illustrations

Grimm was the son of notary Johann Jakob Grimm (died 1749). He was born in Burgdoft, in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland. As a child he was taught by painter, draughtsman and engraver Johann Ludwig Aberli (1723–1786) in the 1750s. Grimm went on to primarily paint topographical views in oil and watercolour of the alpine countryside. He published some of his own poems early on in his career but focused mainly on creating book illustrations while working for publisher B L Walthard (active 1764 - 1766) between 1764 and 1775.

By the mid 1760s Grimm was only painting in watercolour and moved to Paris where he joined the circle of German engraver Jean-Georges Wille (1715 - 1808). He embarked on a sketching tour of Normandy with fellow artists Philipp Hackert (1737 - 1807) and Nickolas Pérignon (1726 - 1782) in 1766. The following year he moved to London where he remained for the rest of his life.

Grimm begin exhibiting at the Society of Artists and was elected a member in 1773. Between 1768 and 1781 he exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and again in 1783 - 4 and 1793. Being well respected in his field, Grimm received numerous commissions from patrons who kept him in employment for the rest of his life. He was well known for his commercial engravings including his satirical and caricature drawings. He also made watercolours of Shakespearian and classical scenes and also topographical views of London.
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    1733-01-18 baptism
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    Europe: Western Europe: Switzerland: Canton Bern
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    Europe: Northern Europe: UK: England: London
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    Unknown or unrecorded
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