Jonathan Richardson

English portrait painter, collector and writer (1667 - 1745)

English portrait-painter, drawings collector and writer (1665 - 1745). He particularly collected drawings by early masters; by the time of his death he had amassed one of the largest and finest collections in Britain, containing nearly 5000 examples. These were carefully mounted, annotated, and methodically arranged. Richardson's collection contained works from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries by Flemish, Dutch, British, and, above all, Italian artists. His collection was sold at Christopher Cock's auction rooms from 22 January 1747 and the following 17 nights, and dispersed among numerous other collectors. His collectors marks accord to Lugt L2183 (an artist's palette and brushes with the letter R) and L2184 (a large capital R). The former mark is thought to have been used during Richardson Senior's lifetime and the latter was possibly applied before the sale of his collection. The catalogues of his collections were sold by his son, Jonathan Richardson Junior (1694-1771) also a collector, in February 1772.
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    Suddenly but peacefully 'upon sitting down in his chair after his customary walk in St James's Park'.
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