Thomas Stothard

English illustrator, painter and designer (1755 - 1834)

Thomas Stothard was one of the most popular, prolific and successful artists of his time, and was highly regarded by contemporaries such as Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830) and Walter Scott. He was the son of a successful publican and finished his apprenticeship as a silk weaver before studying at the Royal Academy between 1777 and 1783.

From the beginning of his career, the main focus for Stothard was book illustration. He also contributed many history paintings to large-scale patronage schemes, such as John Boydell’s Shakespeare Gallery, Thomas Macklin’s Poets’ Gallery and Robert Bowyer’s Historic Gallery, and Burghley House, Cambridgeshire. In 1791 he was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy and in 1794 was made an RA, being appointed the Royal Academy’s librarian in 1812.

Stothard also designed vignettes, roundels and tailpieces for books; invitation cards, banknotes and theatre tickets; Wedgwood jasperware reliefs; and silverwork.
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