Richard Westall

English painter and illustrator of portraits and landscapes (1765 - 1836)

Richard Westall was the older brother of William Westall.

Westall was apprenticed to engraver John Thomson in 1779. He later took up painting and exhibited his first portrait drawing at the Royal Academy in 1784. In 1785 he became a student at the Royal Academy Schools, an associate in 1792, and Royal Academician in 1794.

He exhibited over 300 works at the Royal Academy and 70 at the British Institution. Westall also specialised in book illustration and was employed by publishers John Boydell, Thomas Macklin and Robert Bowyer. As a watercolourist, Westall was particularly noted for his unusually rich colour effects.

For the last nine years of his life he was a drawing master to Princess (later Queen) Victoria. Although he produced a large number of paintings, he died in poverty as a result of several unfortunate picture dealings.
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