William Westall

British illustrator, printer and watercolourist (1781 - 1850 )

William Westall was the brother of illustrator and painter Richard Westall. He became a probationer at the Royal Academy Schools in 1801. He accompanied Captain Matthew Flinder on his voyage to Australia in 1801, upon recommendation by Benjamin West for his ability. Two years later he visited China and India and produced his records of these voyages in his sketches and paintings.

Westall also illustrated Flinders's 'A Voyage to Terra Australis (London 1814)'. After touring in Madeira and Jamaica, Westall returned to London in 1808 and held an exhibition of works based on his travels. He became Associate of the Royal Academy in 1812, and his skill at topographical illustration led him to produce aquatints and lithographs for such publications as 'Views of the Lakes and the Vale of Keswick (London, 1820)', and 'A Picturesque Tour of the River Thames (London 1828)'.
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