J M Naylor

Grandson of Liverpool Banker and notable collector John Naylor (1813 - 1889)

Captain J M Naylor was the grandson of John Naylor (1813 – 1889), and his wife Georgina (died 1909), daughter of John and Charlotte Edwards of Ness Strange, Shropshire. John Naylor was a Liverpool Banker and partner in the Leyland and Bullins Bank. Naylor and his wife first lived at Liscard Manor, Wallasey but soon moved to Leighton when he was given the estate at Leighton near Welshpool as a wedding gift from his uncle Christopher Leyland in 1846. John Naylor commisioned Liverpool architect William Henry Gee to build Leighton Hall between 1850 and 1856. The great hall was designed to display Naylor's collection of paintings and sculpture. He was also a patron of Liverpool sculptor Benjamin Evans Spence (baptised 1823 - 1866) and Liverpool painter Richard Ansdell (1815–1885). Captain J M Naylor sold Leighton Hall and the Estate in 1931.

There are portraits of both John Naylor and his wife Georgina by artist Sir Francis Grant (1803 - 1878) in the Walker Art Gallery collection.
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