Mary Dominica Legge

French scholar and historian (1905 - 1986) and daughter of James Granville Legge (1861 - 1940) director of education in Liverpool

Mary Dominica Legge, known as Dominica, was the daughter of James Granville Legge (1861 - 1940), former director of education in Liverpool, and his wife, Josephine Makins (d. 1957). Her grandfather, James Legge (1815 - 1897), was the first professor of Chinese at the University of Oxford. She was the middle of three sisters. The eldest, Cecilia Mirèio Legge (1900 - 1963), was an artist. Her youngest sister, Beatrice Pomplilia Legge (1906 - 1992), was a teacher at Royal Holloway College in Surrey. Mary and and Beatrice together presented a small collection of important watercolours, drawings and paintings to the Walker Art Gallery from their late father's collection in 1965 and 1987.

Legge was educated at Liverpool College, Huyton, and studied French at Somerville College, Oxford. She was awarded the degree of BLitt in 1928 for her thesis ' Pierre de Peckham and His "Lumiere as lais"' and later appointed Mary Somerville research fellow in 1935. In 1937 she helped found the Anglo-Norman Text Society. She was appointed assistant lecturer in French at both Royal Holloway College in Surrey in 1938 and in 1942 at the University College, Dundee. By 1943, Legge had moved to Scotland to lecture at the University of Edinburgh.

During her lifetime she was very successful in her field and elected a fellow of various institutions such as the Royal Historical Society, the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, the Medieval Academy of America and a fellow of the British Academy. In 1971 the French government appointed her an officer of the Ordre des Palmes Académiques and she was granted the title of professor emeritus from the University of Edinburgh in 1973.
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