Rose Isabella Stark

English amatuer artist and author (born 1849, died after 1915) and wife of artist Arthur James Stark (1831 - 1902)

Stark was the youngest daughter of Thomas Fassett Kent (dates unrecorded), counsel to the chairman of committees in the House of Lords. She was married to the artist Arthur James Stark (1831 - 1902), son of artist James Stark (1794 - 1859), on 20 November 1878 at Ascot in Berkshire.

Rose was the author and illustrator of 'A. A. Apple: Rose Isabella Stark's Alphabet', published posthumously by Book Club Associates in 1979. She painted the alphabet in 1915 for her first grandchild. It was illustrated in watercolours across 24 boards with a blue border and poetical quotation on the base of each page. Her alphabet included not only the things she knew would hold the interest of a little girl of four but also scenes and details from her own life, including illustrations of her husband painting when the couple first met and her own lifelong interest in painting.
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