Richard Heber

1773 - 1833 Collector of books and art and a purchaser at William Roscoe's 1816 sale.

1773 - 1833 Richard Heber was a collector of books who corresponded with William Roscoe between 1791 and 1819 and a purchaser from Roscoe's 1816 sale. He travelled extensively in France, Belgium and the Netherlands in search of books and when he died he possessed some 146,827 volumes diepersed in houses in London, Oxford, Hodnet [Shropshire], Paris, Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. His enormous collections were dispersed in sales lasting from 1834 to 1836. The drawings, paintings and prints were sold 15-19 May 1834 [Stanley]. Prints predominated with just 73 lots of drawings and four of paintings. All the drawings and three of the paintings were bought from Roscoe's 1816 sale [14 via William Ford and 59 directly]. Heber wrote to Roscoe in July 1819 following the bankruptcy of the auctioneer Winstanley asking him to retrieve the purchases which he had left in the auction rooms ever since the sale [according to Roscoe papers 1986]. He mentions that the books were packed in strong cases while the drawings were carefully tied up in one, possibly two, portfolios. It is likely that Heber purchased drawings as a favour to Roscoe rather than in pursuance of his own interest. [from the catalogue, Mantegna to Rubens]
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