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Thomas Hodgetts was an English landscape painter and mezzotint engraver. He specialised in portraits, landscapes and biblical subjects and produced engravings after his contemporaries, including artists such as Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775 - 1851) and Thomas Lawrence (1769 - 1830).

Hodgetts lived and worked in London, exhibiting at the Royal Academy between 1801 and 1824. He was in Edinburgh soon after and exhibited the Royal Scottish Academy between 1827 and 1833. He continued to exhibit at the Suffolk Gallery in London until 1846. However, there is no record of his work after this date.

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Title: From Spenser's Fairy Queen
Artist: Joseph Mallord William Turner
Date: 1811-06-01 published

Title: Lauffenbourgh on the Rhine
Artist: Joseph Mallord William Turner
Date: 1811-01-01 Published

Title: Ville de Thun, Switzerland
Artist: Joseph Mallord William Turner
Date: 1816-01-01 Published