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Cecil Francis Joseph Beausire was the grandson of Birkenhead businessman, patron and collector Joseph Beausire (1833 - 1907). Joseph Beausire had set up a trading company that operated between Liverpool, the West Indies and Latin America. He was chairman of the West India and Pacific Steamship Company and Director of the North and South Wales Bank in Liverpool.

Cecil Beausire served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Field Artillery during World War I. He later became the director of the 'Royal Insurance Company', at the Royal Insurance Building in Liverpool and was also head of the firm 'Joseph Beausire and Company'.

The Beausire family were generous patrons of the arts. C F J Beausire bequeathed his collection of English watercolours to Walker Art Gallery in 1970. The collection included notable works by artists including J M W Turner (1775 - 1851), David Cox (1783 - 1859) and Edward Lear (1812 - 1888).

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Title: Anti-Lebanon and Mount Hermon
Artist: Edward Lear
Date: 1858

Title: Autumn
Artist: George Vicat Cole
Date: unknown or unrecorded

Title: Bordighera
Artist: Edward Lear
Date: 1864-12-10

Title: By an Italian Village
Artist: James Duffield Harding
Date: 1857

Title: Byland Abbey, Yorkshire
Artist: Anthony Vandyke Copley Fielding
Date: unknown or unrecorded

Title: Cader Idris from Llanelltydd
Artist: John Varley
Date: 1815

Title: Cattaro, Yugoslavia
Artist: Edward Lear
Date: 1866-04-27

Title: Classical Landscape
Artist: Thomas Girtin
Date: 1794 - 1796

Title: Coutances, Normandy
Artist: Samuel Prout
Date: unknown or unrecorded

Title: Cuckfield, Sussex, at Fair Time
Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
Date: 1789

Title: Door of the Alhambra
Artist: John Frederick Lewis
Date: 1833

Title: Fair Scene in a Dutch Town
Artist: Christoffel Meijer
Date: 1803 - 1804 probably

Title: Farmyard at Old Buckhurst, Sussex
Artist: James Stark
Date: 1853-07

Title: FĂȘte for the Nymphs of the River Naethus
Artist: Samuel Hieronymus Grimm
Date: 1767

Title: Fording the Stream
Artist: David Cox
Date: unknown or unrecorded

Title: Greenwich Hospital
Artist: George Chambers
Date: 1832 - 1842

Title: Greyfriars Tower, King's Lynn
Artist: Thomas Hearne
Date: unknown or unrecorded

Title: Haymakers
Artist: Peter De Wint
Date: 1820s probably; 1830s probably

Title: Interior of Santa Sophia Constantinople
Artist: John Frederick Lewis
Date: 1840 probably; 1841 probably

Title: Kenilworth Castle
Artist: Michael Angelo Rooker
Date: 1794 first exhibited

Title: Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds.
Artist: Michael Angelo Rooker
Date: 1779 before; finished

Title: Lake Nemi and the Town of Genzano
Artist: Joseph Mallord William Turner
Date: 1794

Title: Lake Scene with Ruined Castle
Artist: Paul Sandby
Date: 1792

Title: Marriage of Daphnis and Phyllis
Artist: Samuel Hieronymus Grimm
Date: 1767

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