Politics on Pots

Brexit pottery
7 Oct 2019 - 31 Dec 2019
Free exhibition, no booking required

Designer Harriet Coles has developed a range of household china called ‘Brexitware’, including a fun pair of egg cups asking, ‘Soft Brexit or Hard Brexit’?

Coles was inspired by the familiar ‘Willow Pattern’ plate, but take a closer look. She has used this traditional style of blue-and-white pottery to record the impact of Brexit on Britain.

The new works are on display together with printed earthenware from the Walker’s historic collections. Eighteenth-century jugs show that putting politics on pots is nothing new; even two hundred years ago, the UK’s relationship with Europe was the focus of lively debate.

You can see 'Politics on Pots: From John Bull to Brexit' at the entrance to the Craft and Design Gallery until the end of the year.