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Transpired project at Walker Art Gallery

Submissions now closed.

Transpired was an online project showcasing artworks revolving around the theme of transparency, inspired by the Transparency exhibition, part of the Arts Council Collection National Partners programme. Find out more about the project on our blog.

Image gallery 

Angelica Vanasse, 'Handful'
Catrin Perry, 'My Baby Orb'
Phoebe Jane Barrett, 'Disappearing, Dissolving'
Stuart Bulman, 'Digital Ghosts'
Holly Rowan Hesson, 'Spark'
Peter Donaldson, 'Sherlock'
Suman Kaur, 'Untitled'
Jenny Drinkwater, 'Urban Myth'
Steve Judson, 'Blue Food Colouring in Water'
Milena Michalski, 'Then (In Green)'
Jenifer Jane Bramley, 'Pointed Lotus'
Mini Arora, 'Blue'

Video entries

Entry by Sam Carr