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Cape Farewell - art and climate change

16 September 2006 - 26 November 2006

Created by artist David Buckland, Cape Farewell has taken artists, scientists and educators on a series of expeditions to the High Arctic to collectively address and raise awareness about climate change. Aboard the schooner Nooderlicht, they voyaged through the seas that hold the key to understanding changes in our weather patterns and climate, 79 degrees north to the Svalbard archipelago.

Cape Farewell - Art and Climate Change brought together commissioned work from the artists, inspired by their journeys to the Arctic. The exhibition was created in partnership with the Natural History Museum in London, where it was shown from June September 2006. It was specially recreated for its multi-site installation for the Liverpool Biennial, in partnership with National Museums Liverpool and Liverpool School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University.

The Liverpool showing of this exhibition featured the artists Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey, David Buckland, Peter Clegg, Siobhan Davies, Gautier Deblonde, Max Eastley, Nick Edwards, Antony Gormley, Alex Hartley, Gary Hume, Ian McEwan, Michèle Noach and Rachel Whiteread.