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'Fata Morgana', 'Ultima Thule' and '80°05’N 16°44’E', Nick Edwards

Night image of the arctic sea, the tips of four icebergs of various sizes appear to be visible on the horizon

Digital composition on high definition screen (2006)

The fiction and fact of the Arctic landscape is explored in these digitally created films.

'Fata Morgana' depicts the optical illusion in which islands, icebergs or ships appear elongated and elevated above the horizon like fairy tale castles. Fata Morganas are caused by different temperatures in the layers of air that form over Arctic seas on very still mornings.

The co-ordinates 80º 05’ north 16º 44’ east correspond to the furthest point north the Cape Farewell expeditions reached.

The ancient Greeks first described the land of Ultima Thule in the fourth century BC, and believed it to be the outermost of all countries. Historians have long disputed where Thule would have been.