Dare to Wear: Glass Dresses by Diana Dias-Leão

Dress made of blue glass and beads.

27 March 2010 to 30 September 2011

Free admission

'Dare to Wear: Glass Dresses by Diana Dias-Leão' is a stunning display of beautiful but deadly garments. Featuring 14 glass dresses and two barbed wire corsets, the display demonstrates Diana Dias-Leão's glass making skills and her experience of working in the fashion industry. You can watch the videos below which show the artist talking about her work.

Not made for practical wear, this collection of couture sculpture is designed to create discussion and debate about issues around beauty and body image. The artist believes that anorexia, bulimia, self harm and body dysmorphic disorder are connected with issues relating to image and lack of confidence.

Through this collection of inspirational dresses Diana wants to convey the message that: "Even though the image is glittering, it is the person inside who is priceless."

You can see more of Diana's dresses from the display in our Dare to Wear Flickr gallery.


  • About the artist

  • Making the dresses

Video credits

Photography by Zibigniew Mroz, Ron Johnson, Stephen Beadshell and Diana Dias-Leão.