University College Liverpool: Kanthack Medal, Charles J Allen and James Herbert McNair

Front and back photographs of bronze medal with a man's head in profile

Bronze; struck by John Pinches, London
obverse inscr.t.: ‘PATHOLOGIST STUDENT OF UNIVERSITY COLL. LIVERPOOL’; b.: ‘ALFREDO ANTVNES KANTHACK 1863–1898’; s. and d.b.r. ‘C.J. ALLEN 1900’; obverse s. and d.b. ‘1900 J. H. McNAIR’
9.5 x 6.4 (3 ¾ x 2 ½) (pointed oval)
National Museums Liverpool (Walker Art Gallery)

The contrasting faces of the two medals highlight the differences between McNair’s individual, symbolic approach, and that of his more conventional Art Sheds colleague, C.J. Allen.

Alfredo Kanthack was a Liverpool student and the originator of the Bacteriological Laboratories in Liverpool where he became a medical tutor in 1892. He was appointed Professor of Pathology at Cambridge in 1897. He died, age 38, in 1898.

The medal was initiated as an award for results in experimental pathology.