'A Pond', Frances MacDonald

Illustration with two figures, description follows below

Pencil and watercolour on grey paper
s.b.l.: ‘FRAN _“ / CES. / MACDO / NALD’; d.l. and r. vertically: ‘NOVE / MBER. / 1894.’; inscr.b.: ‘A POND =’
32.0 x 25.8 (12 5/16 x 10 3/16)
The Glasgow School of Art Collection

Lucy Raeburn, one of the ‘Immortals’ compiled a series of scrapbooks of watercolours and writings by fellow students at Glasgow School of Art.

The watercolours by Mackintosh and the Macdonald sisters stand out for their imaginative handling of subject matter and meaning.

Here Frances Macdonald creates a slightly sinister composition from the inhabitants of a pond – perhaps tadpoles and dragonflies.