Three models in bright hooded jackets

Dr Romanelli jacket, photo by Max Wanger


Individuality and Uniformity

Display highlights the street as the most crucial space where sportswear is worn as fashion.

Sportswear or sports-inspired fashion may seem a uniform type of dress. Lots of people wear trainers with a hooded jersey top and tracksuit bottoms. However, individuality is expressed through subtle differences and changes.

This section explores how homemade street adaptations - such as how laces are tied and decorated or how tracksuits are worn - have inspired designers to reinterpret trainers and the tracksuit. The practice of customising has motivated major sports companies to produce commercially customised goods.

In this section you can see:

  • a top, trousers and mask by Vivienne Westwood
  • Nike 'Curry Dunk' high-top trainers, customised by I-Saw using a technique called 'engraviti'
  • double-tongued All Star trainers by Converse